"King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" mobile fighting game is now available in Android retail stores! It can be interconnected with Android fighting game data!

In 2018, the launch of the Android mobile game "King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" has attracted the attention and full support of many parents. Today, the Apple version of the "King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" mobile game has been released. Officially announced the launch of the iOS App Store! It also fulfilled the wishes of some players! (Go to Variations, click on the title of the writing book, and download the ios version of the fighting game!) The following is the main content of this news: Dear old men, here is a bad news for us, "The King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" mobile phone The game has also officially announced on October 10th that it will be sold on the ios App Store. In other words, the fighting game has an ios version! (北顶(≧∀≦)ゞ) Since the Android version of the mobile game was launched for one year, they have been making unremitting efforts to preview fighting games and expand action games, hoping to enjoy our new faster fighting game experience, here Afterwards, I also received a lot of expectations about "when will the ios version be available for sale". Apart from admiration, the urgency of the old men really reached KMH! In the past two years, they have never given up on the test and sales of the ios version. Finally, this summer, a breakthrough in technology has given them immeasurable self-confidence. The ios electronic device is installed, and the most important thing is the interconnection of fighting game statistical data (use the mobile game Android "4399 Fighting Game Box" account to send information about the ios version of the fighting game, and the account will be interconnected)! Besides being happy, they also wanted to tell the old men who fully supported them the bad news as soon as possible! Whether it is the reply board in fighting games or the reply posts in the fighting game circle, they have given them a huge driving force system. I hope that you will continue to accompany me on the elevated road in the future. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt heartfelt heartfelt thanks to all old men Thank you very much (thank you~(´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)) Finally, I would like to introduce this fighting game to parents who don’t know this fighting game yet!   "King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" is a bar-tailed fighting game based on ancient princes and princes. It demonstrates the life of princes and princes in ancient times. Fighting games have a high weight, and have a variety of fighting game modes, thousands of fighting game endings, everyone can develop a unique king. Are you ready to become a prince over ten thousand people and rule the world on the battlefield? Famous ministers and heroes from all walks of life, how do you earn your subordinates for your use? There are three thousand beauties in the harem, who can be loved by you? Enter "King's High-speed Growth Plan 2", the new experience is the pleasure of the king at the beginning, let's see how you handle state affairs and lead the dynasty to the peak of the era!  How to download the ios version of the mobile game "The King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" Click on the "writing title" at the bottom left or search for "The King's Rapid Growth Plan 2" in the iOS App Store to download the fighting game! Click on the title of the writing book to download the ios version of the mobile game "King's Rapid Growth Plan 2"~

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