"King's High-speed Growth Plan 2" Ritual Management Basic Skills King's High-speed Growth Plan 2 Complete Guide for Beginners

Today's Code Word HD505↓↓↓Click the button below to enter the code word to exchange for a card package↓↓↓The Ministry of Rites is equivalent to the current central organization The main function of the department is to manage the work, deploy high-ranking officials and recruit talents. Let's learn about the basic skills of the management work of the King's Rapid Growth Plan 2 Ritual Department. 1. When appointing high-ranking officials, ethics is the most important thing. Low ethics means corruption, which negatively affects taxes. High morality in the field also negatively affects local security. , Those whose ethics are lower than 50 must be taken in, and then with the imperial examination, the bottom line of ethics for senior officials will be raised from 50+ to more than 1,000. 3. There are only a few senior officials of the North China Bureau who are useful, such as the Taiwei, the General of the North China Bureau, and the Minister of Housework. Other high-ranking officials of the North China Bureau have not seen the function of G540 for the time being, so they are appointed as Zhizhou with good characteristics. 4. Taiwei needs various characteristics Best of all, military ministers must have low sword skills and low ambition, otherwise they will rebel if they hear about it, and besides, recruiting the founding hero single-sidedly considers being a captain, watching the rules. 5. The general of the North China Bureau wants Wu Songben to be low, loyal and high. This is equivalent to your bodyguard. You must choose it well to avoid assassination. Great power, wisdom and high morality, I heard that it will negatively affect the construction of local projects. Besides, I have not seen the negative impact of G540. Watch and follow the rules. The same is true for other ministries. Be more disciplined. 8. Except for the general who emphasizes Wu Gao, the others are military ministers. Usually, Zhi Matsumoto is low in morality, high in loyalty, and short in swordsmanship. Negatively affects taxation. In the second game, the loyalty 50- will be drawn, and the later loyalty 60- will be drawn. Those whose ambition is higher than loyalty will be drawn 10. Must eat. Ethics is the most important, and the second is that when Zhiwu meets blue generals, as long as the ethics are not too low, he will be recruited. 1. High-ranking official titles can improve loyalty, but high officials also mean high salaries. Therefore, in the later stage of IIS and high-ranking officials are constantly being removed, the management system is unbalanced, and titles are usually not given unless it is to win over the founding heroes. If you are short of money and the management system is relatively balanced, you can order 2 automatic titles a year. 13. Clean up idle officials. Officials with higher characteristics who are taken in will usually explain it right away. They will not raise idle officials and leave at most one or two spares. For example, some players will use them for foreign trade to suppress rebellion, but I said , I’m too lazy to click on foreign trade one by one every time, and according to my policy, it’s not bad for this money (this Grignols comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please inform the author to delete it.) The content of this issue is over here, Thank you for watching, the editor below has prepared a card package redemption code for you to receive code words, come and get it! 1. [How to use the code: enter the applet and enter today’s code to get the King’s Rapid Growth Plan 2 redemption code]        2. (How to use the CDK code: enter the game and enter On the setting interface, click the redemption code button in the lower left corner to enter the redemption interface, enter the redemption code, and you will be able to receive the redemption code reward) Today's secret language HD506 points share, like, and watch

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