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Original Title: Zero Identifier Core Idea Modules Well Known: Practicality Files Are Increasingly Higher-Level and More Popular on the Web In an increasingly intelligent scenario, the collection of important information is still the most suitable form for various scenarios. As we all know, this paper takes the core concept module of zero identifier: practical documents as an example, and discusses how to develop practical document structure design to promote zero identifiers. Collaborative adoption between products and products, I hope it will be helpful to you. Development of ball bearings in the field of application Develop three core concept modules: practical documents, sales business processes, and financial statements. It is suitable to follow the steps of the sales business process, such as: leave approval, asset use; financial statements: usually used for statistical data forecasting and summary, such as: commodity sales trend forecasting, family Yang Kaidi forecasting. 1. Practical document scene dismantling In the current era of increasingly high-level and intelligent networking, the most diverse application scenarios still include important information collection, and work hard for dictionary statistics such as classification, status, form, and level. Support scalability; provide basic statistical data such as archives, electronic parts, finished products, jobs, etc. to provide common dictionary statistical data examples of sales business sustainability. Commodity categories: women's clothing, women's clothing, outdoors, mountaineering, home furnishing, snacks, nuts, specialty products, alcohol; vehicle power system type: fuel cell, hybrid system, extended program, fuel, pure electricity; payment method: bank card, PayPal, QQ, Tongka; dictionary statistical data are subdivided for specific content sales business, and can be selected from limited options when adopting, standardize the use, and improve the quality of statistical data; it can also be compared in the early stage based on its prediction (such as: PayPal and QQ The comparison of how much money is charged, so as to fully support the early decision-making about marketing channels). This basic statistical data processing work is such as: customer management work, commodity management work, system management work, protocol management work, equipment management work, asset management work, equipment management work, electronic parts management work, finished product management work, job post management work 1. Employee management This basic statistical data processing work is mainly used to fully support the sustainability of sales business, such as: new addition and loss of customers, purchase and scrap of equipment, organizational adjustments affecting changes in jobs, employee recruitment, rough Mao, resigned. The specific content is as follows: under the current category, the revision, modification and inspection of statistical data will be carried out. Model system management work. In real life, some simple sales business scenarios are also in line with this basic statistical data processing model, and this basic statistical data can be directly used. Simultaneously implement forms to realize real-life examples at the same time: user investigation, online course registration, scenic spot reservation, hospital expert outpatient service, restaurant ordering are just relatively simple to archive important information (in a complete sales business, there will also be Pre-processing, such as class confirmation, serving and result prediction, etc., which is also the source of sales business completion must be practical documents, sales business processes, and financial report sheets). 2. Practical document products simultaneously realize the prediction based on the adoption scenarios of practical documents, extract public templates, and become the core concept structure design approach for constructing practical document products: To successfully complete the structural design of practical document products, it is necessary to provide two A sustainable solution. My structural design approach is: Road Lienz; Work;. Broaden the road: Practical file products can build more complex application fields, such as: build two basic statistical data processing tasks; the road is easy to walk: Practical file products can build more complex application fields more quickly Software web pages, such as: there are sub-practicability files in the practical files, and the basic statistical data are related to each other; under the condition of successfully completing the above parts, the method of software reproduction in the real-life application field can be used to continuously refine the product to make it more It is faster and more powerful. Practicability The main direction of document practicability is: building web pages - structural design web pages - module selection - module practicability. Practical document core concept direction: Adding web pages must fully support web page grouping, which is in line with the menu structure of the application field software. Adding a web page: In order to realize the authority management at the same time in the constructed application field, it is necessary to register the webpage structure to the authority management application field software three bases when the construction is completed and the application field is released. Here lay the foundation for the present. Expand on the webpage and click "Webpage Structure Design" to enter the detailed information of the webpage. /Web page setting area Module selection area: Select the modules provided by the system, including text, drop-down selection, photos, buttons and other modules; it also includes layout division, etc. In terms of the overall perfection of practical documents and products, the diversity of modules, Module coverage high frequency applicable as scenario coverage will be a good criterion for judging whether a practical document commodity is good or not. Web page structure design area: It mainly realizes the layout display of the modules at the same time, and generally indicates the style of opening the web page when it is adopted; the content layout, content submission, and interaction of the operation process of the web page are all reflected in this part. The web page mainly includes two categories, One is the list page, and the other is the new/edit/details page. When designing the practical file structure, the direct structural design is the new/edit/details page; Add/Edit/View invokes the Add/Edit/Details page. Here, it is best to directly generate the list page when the structure design is saved, and use the list page button to call up the direct structure design webpage module/webpage setting area: mainly adjust the style and interaction of the structure design module, including: title, prompt important information, default value , required, module width, background color, etc. The webpage structure design is mainly the style and effect of the practical overall webpage, including webpage events, webpage public variables, etc. 3. In the simultaneous realization of practical documents and products, the dismantling of Jiandaoyun first achieves "simultaneous realization of basic functions", and then expands "improvement of powerful functions", and then realizes "opening up of ecological links" at the same time. Jiandaoyun is relatively excellent as a launch You can learn a thing or two from it. 1. This basic function realizes the construction of practical documents at the same time. From the point of view of the modules provided, basic modules such as single-line text, drop-down boxes, numbers, and dates, enhanced modules such as addresses, attachments, and pictures, and department member modules such as members and departments cover most of the scenarios of practical document construction, especially The departmental module realizes the series connection of practical files and organizational structure, and realizes important information communication between modules, which provides a good example for module communication. Practical file structure design page: Practical management work statistics in the order, and important information related to the product. This is a common situation where this basic statistical data is used in the sales business sales process, and they are also two good cases. Similar scenarios include which customer to sign an agreement with [agreement-related customers], which electronic parts are required to produce a product, etc. [commodity-related electronic parts]. "Order" is associated with "Important Product Information" 2. Functional enhancements Jiandao Cloud fully supports setting views, common situations such as table view: list view: when the task is executed, prefer the Kanban view: panel view: in the system structure design, the default value setting It will greatly improve the efficiency of adoption. For example: the system fully supports the automatic generation of IDs and can be modified. Whether it is directly generated automatically or clicked to generate. Clicking to generate two small operations will be repeated many times in system adoption, and this is unnecessary and direct Build VS Click Build. 3. In the structural design of the ecological link opening system, it is necessary to make good use of the previous accumulation in the field to improve the reuse rate, such as the design of the authority structure before the reuse of practical document development, and the common system common parts of the department directly selecting members of the organizational structure Including: message notification, log record, and desktop management work in Jiandao Cloud makes good use of another pillar product: financial statements and BI. Employee Forecast: Order Forecast: Collaborative adoption between zero-identifier products and products, first of all, to realize the correlation between products at the same time, to deal with more diverse and complicated scenarios; secondly, to verify the coupling of the products themselves, and to carry out statistics with other modules Data series, which means that other modules need to provide open interfaces to test the rationality of their structural design; thirdly, the difficulty of integrating each product greatly represents the rationality of the division of functions of the core concept of the product, so as to promote more effective simultaneous realization Iterative upgrade of multi-module and multi-commodity. This article was originally published by @一三百一 on Everyone is a commodity manager. Reprinting without permission is prohibited. The title picture comes from Unsplash, and returns to Sohu based on the CC0 agreement, see more responsible editors:

Profile Identifier Guidelines (Zero Identifier Core Idea Components Well Known: Configuration Files) TNUMBERKC,

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