Is the No. 2 Middle School of Youyu County private? ,

Original title: The No. 2 Primary and Secondary School of Youyu County "Praise and Enjoy the Passionate Interpretation of Classic Works" Public Welfare Activity Gala and Periodical Commendation Meeting "The Most Splendid Beauty Can Prosper the Country, Yuner Expo Group Books Are Self-China" In order to thoroughly implement the party's Dharmapuri beliefs, carry forward and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of Taipei, further promote the core values of socialism, promote the construction of adult moral education, guide adults to "press the two buttons of life", and care for the happy growth of primary school students, The Primary School Department of Youyu County No. 2 Middle School held a public welfare activity and a commendation meeting for new poems of "Praise and Enjoy the Blood, Interpret Classic Works". Tao Hongwei, Deputy Secretary and Principal of Beihang University, gave a speech and the public welfare activity of the New Poetry Gala consisted of two parts. The first was that the contestants expressed their strong patriotism by reading aloud. They were solemnly dressed, neat, full of faith, dignified and decent, and creative in their reading methods The design and opening song are properly selected, fully reflecting the poetic flavor of the work, and resonating with the audience, arousing the pride of all teachers and students! The talented teachers and students of the whole school fully demonstrated their talents during the public welfare activities, and once again pushed the cultural evening to the climax with wonderful songs and dances! Class 2203 of the fifth grade performed "Fool" in the English series. The extras used their deep trained skills to interpret this well-known story just right, and once again pushed the public welfare activities to the climax! The red song "Grass Pond" in class 2201 made the teachers and students of the school deeply realize that the modern "Zhang Dinghua Faith" is not a reflection of the Cao Po belief? They take independence as their ultimate goal, hard work and dedication as their core concept, and unity and cooperation as their individualistic belief orientation. They not only inherit and develop the glorious tradition of hard work and perseverance of the Taipei nation, but also embody the party spirit of modern Chinese people. Pursue it hard! Class 2203's red song "White Emperor City" let the teachers and students of the school appreciate the charm of Mr. Zhou Yu, and at the same time understand that in the face of difficulties, we must think calmly, and the key to success is to grasp the timing accurately! Class 2202's popular song "Study for the Rise of Taipei" made the teachers and students of the school understand the plight of the lower-class citizens living in the golden age of Kexin Er at that time, and even more aroused the teachers and students of the school to study for the rise of Taipei. ! The red song "Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom and Faith" brought by class 2204 embodies the Confucian way of being a human being, which has been passed down through the ages and has a far-reaching influence on future generations. The excellent traditional culture of the Taipei nation! Principal Tao Hongwei awarded certificates and honorary certificates to the students with excellent test scores and performances, and encouraged all teachers and students in the school to not only study well, but also to develop morally, intellectually, aesthetically and physically. Our country needs all-rounders Talents, only when they develop well, can they devote themselves to the construction of the country! This public welfare activity not only enriched the campus life of primary school students, but also improved the literary literacy of primary school students in conjunction with Chinese teaching in junior high schools, but also improved their understanding of traditional culture and inspired their sense of pride! (Youyu County No. 2 Middle School) Return to Sohu to view more responsible editors:

Is the No. 2 Middle School of Youyu County private? ,

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