2020locationsWRT54G TV commercial opening song (they have found the opening song of the 20-year iPWRT54G classic TV commercial for you) Is this all right? ,

Original subtitle: The opening song of the 20-year iPhone classic commercial, and they will help you find it. They have already found it for you for the opening song of the advertisement. In March, if the main event of Apple’s spring meeting kicks off, as the first meeting in spring (or there may be only one), the protagonist will naturally be unable to avoid the iPhone. Starting from the second generation of iPhone, Apple will produce TV commercials for every third generation of iPhone. It may be in your first impression that the advertisement may be closely related to "Etampe County". A team of well-designed and produced advertisements , can effectively enhance the user's interaction with the product and increase sales. Apple's advertisements give people a "Jhunjhunun" feeling every day, and some advertisements even outperform the product itself. A good commercial team depends on a good opening song. In the next issue, they carefully designed and selected the opening song for 13 iPhone commercials produced by Apple since the second-generation iPhone. iPhone "Inside Your Head"-Eberg No. In the "hello" commercial of the second-generation iPhone, 25 supporting characters picked up the phone number and said "hello", and the final scene where the Spider-Man picked up the phone number and trembled for fear that his parents would rest all night made people laugh. These three advertisements The atmosphere is freewheeling, which is very suitable for the hearty music creation style of "Inside Your Head". The songwriter Eberg is a female singer from Norway who is good at using electronic music and likes to create freewheeling and devilish weird Chillout music creation style. This track is included in their single "Voff Voff" released in 2006 on iPhone 3G "You, Me and the Bourgeoisie"-The Submarines The first ad for this generation of iPhone was created by Apple. It is not an edit of a certain song. However, in the early series of iPhone 3G ads, Apple focused on introducing the App Store advertising music creation is as simple as you want, and Apple hopes that you can find more plug-ins through the App Store, so as to recognize more pleasure. The original singer of "You, Me and the Bourgeoisie" The Submarines Orchestra is composed of Jack Drug and Hazard. They are both from Chicago, the United States. They met for six years and later divorced. However, after the divorce, they still lived together to create music. In the process of composing the music, they discovered the track that the two always wrote about each other, so in the end they came together and walked into the wedding reception. The song "You, Me and the Bourgeoisie" is included in The single Honeysuckle Weeks is their third single released after their marriage. iPhone 3GS "Submarine Symphonika" - The Submarines is the same as iPhone 3G, the first iPhone 3GS advertisement is still Apple's original creation, the S in iPhone 3GS stands for Speed, the machine will have a faster running speed, starting from this generation of iPhone, China Unicom introduced it to mainland China for the first time, and the iPhone also had its first Chinese advertisement. In the advertisement, Apple takes the App Store as the main publicity object and adds the introduction of the local APP in China, so I believe you are no stranger to this piece of music creation. This song "Submarine Symphonika" is still performed by The Submarines, and the iPhone 3G advertisement The same musical composition is included in the single Honeysuckle Weeks. iPhone 4 "Secrets" - OneRepublic In the iPhone 4 product introduction video advertisement, Apple Inc. adopted Secrets as the opening song of the product introduction video. Secrets was included in OneRepublic's 2009 single "Waking Up", as an American A pop rock band, OneRepublic is known for its pop and indie rock music creation style. Using Secrets as the opening song of the product introduction video is like telling you the secrets hidden in the iPhone 4. iPhone 4s "Rolling In The Deep"-Adele played the original version of Rolling In The Deep in the iPhone 4s product introduction video The accompaniment is performed by 15-time Grammy Award winner Adele. As the main track of the song of the same name, Rolling In The Deep has occupied the No. 1 spot on the US Billboard for 7 weeks! Fast and compact music-making style, the iPhone 4s is a step up from the iPhone 4, and Apple wants to bring it to you even faster. The most advanced mobile phones of the year matched the most popular tracks of the year, which is vividly reflected in the two generations of iPhone 4 series. iPhone 5 "Red"-Rob Simonsen's "Everyday" series of advertisements in the major iPhone 5 advertisements has won praises from consumers. One Day" and "FaceTime Every Day", among Netease cloud music creation, the most commented is the opening song "Red" of the advertisement "Music Creation Every Day". The songwriter Rob Simonsen said that "Red" is "Music Create every day" series of commercials specially created music creation, the music creation style is soft but uninhibited, the rhythm changes with the scene in the advertisement, and Apple has always handled the details very well. iPhone 5c "Rill Rill"-Sleigh Bells may make Apple want to make some breakthroughs in color, iPhone 5c breaks the tradition of only black and white color matching of iPhone, brings more personalization, and lowers the price of iPhone for the first time. Let people spend less money to enjoy the pleasure of iPhone "Rill Rill" is performed by a group of musicians from Brooklyn, USA, Sleigh Bells. The orchestra is composed of guitarist Derek and vocalist Alexis Krauss. "Rill Rill" was included in the iPhone 5c advertisement in the first single "Treats" released in May 2010. The first half is mainly composed of pure music, and the vocals at the end—You're all alone friend ? (you alone, friend), Pick up the phone then (then pick up the phone number), Rill rill call them up (call (phone number) to them), Tell them about the new trends (tell them new trends ) shows that Apple hopes that you can use iPhone to communicate with more people (it’s so cheap, don’t rush to buy it). iPhone 5s "Ooh La La"-Goldfrapp is the opening song in the first TV commercial of iPhone 5s, "Ooh La La" is included in the third single "Supernature" of Goldfrapp Orchestra in 2005. Goldfrapp is a team from the UK A two-person electronic band consisting of vocalist Allison goldfrapp and composer Will Gregory. The first sentence in the track is Dial up my number now (call me the number immediately), Weaving it through the wire (weaving thoughts into lines) shows that the advertisements for the two iPhones in 2013 are all about trying to keep you from staying by yourself In this world, when you have time, remember to pick up the phone number and chat with your friends more. iPhone 6 "Walk Walk"-Yael Naim After the release of iPhone 6, Apple has started to hold the Shot On iPhone contest, aiming to let more people take out their iPhones and record every moment around them. In a series of Shot On iPhone advertising videos , the advertisement of a caterpillar struggling to crawl on the ground is particularly eye-catching. Apple also matched it with "Walk Walk" which is a free-wheeling and funny music creation work, which makes the caterpillar's slow crawling process full of one's wishes, as if it is enjoying this journey. Yael Naim is an Israeli – The French mixed-race female singer is also a composer. In addition to "Walk Walk", Yael Naim is also the original singer of "New Soul", the opening song of Jobs' first TV commercial after the release of MacBook Air. iPhone 6s "Gooey"-Glass Animals' first advertisement for iPhone 6s adopts the lazy tune of "Gooey" by the four-member alternative rock band Glass Animals from Oxfordshire, England, and matches the Thai fighting fish on the iPhone 6s screen in 3D Touch Slowly wagging its huge tail, plus the words "Alright, come close" in the lyrics, "Let me show you everything I know" (I want to let you see everything I know), does it mean that through the iPhone Can 6s see more through 3D Touch? . iPhone 7 "Walk" - KwabsiPhone 7 product introduction video uses the music "Walk" from the British female singer KWABS 2014 hairstyle single Love+War. It is worth mentioning that "Walk" was originally only rarely heard However, when it became the music creation for the iPhone product introduction video, "Walk" immediately climbed to the US Billboard Top 50 within a few weeks. Apple's influence can be seen refrain Cuz if I don't walk (because if I don't walk) I'll keep messin' around (I'll screw everything up) And I'll be fallin' all the way down (I'm going to get nowhere) As the first iPhone to be water and dust resistant, Apple probably wants you to take your iPhone 7 out and about more. iPhone 8 "Area"-Magnus The Magnus released the iPhone 8 in September 2017, which immediately brought back the feeling of the iPhone 4. The glass plus the middle frame pays homage to Jobs, which is part of the factor, but the main consideration is to continue to use aluminum alloy for wireless charging. body, electromagnetic waves will not be able to reach the induction coil inside the fuselage. In iPhone 8, Apple has added the A11 bionic chip with a neural network processing unit for the first time. The presented content is more in line with the individual needs of users. The female singer Magnus The Magnus who interpreted "Area" also became popular after Apple adopted her music to create works, and the commercial track once entered the top 50 on the Billboard charts. iPhone X "Keep On Lovin'"-Magnus The Magnus iPhone X Also derived from Magnus The Magnus, like "Area", "Keep on Lovin'" is also an EP single produced by Magnus The Magnus for Apple Weirdly, as a member of "One More Thing...", iPhone X debuted The opening song is not original, but the music creation is really shocking, especially when the advertisement has started, a blue-purple light and shadow flashed across the face of a lady. The iPhone X screen lights up, the Face ID sensor has started to work, and when the entire iPhone X appearance is revealed, the heart-pounding refrain immediately cuts in, all in one go. The video + music creation lens + rhythm fit so well, I really admire Apple's video production team

2020locationsWRT54G TV commercial opening song (they have found the opening song of the 20-year iPWRT54G classic TV commercial for you) Is this all right? ,

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