Sun Wukong came back from the dead with unprecedented stunts, the box office of the movie may exceed 3 billion, and the jungle sees the dead man's masterpiece

Talking about Chinese painting Feihong's viewing experience is excellent, full of sincerity and sincerity, Sun Wukong, but the voice actor is a girl , people who are prejudiced against Sun Wukong are mainly because Sun Wukong's Ling'er was replaced by a magic pill, and then his father is the chief soldier, and he loves him a lot, so he must check it out, so he will expose Ao Bing and talk about Jingling Why can break 560 million in 2 days. In addition to the unavoidable preaching stunts that are worth doing more, which can be called unprecedented stunts, we must also compare "Green Snake: Universal Phase" and "The Return of the Great Sage", which say that the plot arrangement is to discredit Monkey King. Take it off for a while, write Monkey King alive, the writing is vivid and expressive, and he is not handsome after transformation, so it doesn't matter if he is ugly when he is big. In real life, it is rare to be handsome from a young age. Actually, I was right when I saw the Monkey King movie poster, and I thought, isn't this "Yasha"? That Yasha animation movie, I really really want it, it seems that I have seen that eye blush somewhere. Youth fan is more than just yelling a few lines of youthful dialogue. Beating people depends on roaring to mobilize people's adrenal hormones, like shouting "Born to be a devil, so what?" "The habit in people's hearts is a mountain" "Then Let me be desperate for this last throw, I don’t want to spend every day in the dark.” Let’s suddenly feel like I’m in Lavi County, my youth is obliterated, and I forget the official’s forced roots to rebel against the disregard of the heavens and become an enemy of the heavens and the earth, then, then what , wouldn't it be really a third grade, wouldn't Puits be really embarrassed if it was an ordinary person, wouldn't it be ashamed? The dialogue can not be refined, "my fate is up to me", Sun Wukong said, Yun Tianhe said, and now Sun Wukong also said, full of youthful youth, a sentence from a scholar in the past, it is not real life, does not consider the consequences, only The young people in Buji said it, and those who are trapped in life completely dismissed these words, "If fate ignores it, fight it to the end." It is the same as when we beat people when we were young, shouting, I want to use the name of justice Foolish and comely, but old soda Royans, essentially the same. I'm not a mean youthful dialogue, this kind of blowout rebellious belief, I just grow up to be a villain, dramatic, what I said at the end of the article is that this is a romantic belief of the Baiyue people, a kind of The worship of nature, individual collectivism and resurrection from the dead are also the same principle. The kite, or Standa, is just a selling point, and the real expression is those things. , friendship, rebellious beliefs, why Morinda officinalis, why pull out the snail, where did Sun Wukong come from? . There is a game on Xiaopozhan, and I will talk about it. Yang Jiajiang, Water Margin, and Immortal MOND have no taste. It is estimated that post-10s can’t tell which one is the original image, but these are not the key points. Fuhuadao can only be said to be full of Chinese elements. It's not as refreshing as the movie poster, but Sun Wukong: Dawn of the Dead and Resurrection is only the first one, and the characters are drawn out first. From this point of view, it has taken a blowout step for the upcoming Conferred God Universe. . It’s already very unexpected, it’s the kind of animated movie that is not afraid of being spoiled by others at all, it just depends on the picture and rhythm of your animated movie. Sun Wukong is really exciting, except for the unprecedented stunt support, it was "Wukong Biography" ten years ago. Then it’s gone forever.” I thought about Sun Wukong’s Morinda officinalis, and if he makes a fuss again, it’s just a matter of stunts. It’s incomparable with the Great Sage who dislikes everyone, but the advantage of Sun Wukong is that he is funny, and he also has friendship, first-hand friendship , The friendship card is played very well. The Conferred God Universe is the origin of Chinese mythological animated films, so from this point of view, the status of "Iron Man" is comparable to Marvel Yes, in terms of storyline, it is friendship, friendship, and love. To describe it, it is definitely worthy of three brushes, but it cannot be called a classic because of the main storyline, "Monkey King" is between "Green Snake" and "The Great Sage". "It is recommended to watch the imax version of the story when watching movies. There is no shortage of sensational, burning, and laughing points. He drew the Dragon King, Ao Bing, Taiyi, Li Jing, Shen Gongbao, and Yuanshi Tianzun from the characters. Each of these people has a different branch line that can be followed. You can talk about it all, Yuanshi Tianzun can talk about Sanqing, Shen Gongbao can talk about Daji, and the Shang Dynasty, Taiyi can talk about the Twelve Golden Immortals, and Dragon King can talk about the past of the Dragon Clan. I predict that if Sun Wukong's box office promotion is in place this time, he can try to break through the 3 billion mark.

Sun Wukong came back from the dead with unprecedented stunts, the box office of the movie may exceed 3 billion, and the jungle sees the dead man's masterpiece

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