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Google Chrome app from 2017 will also put Chinese websites that use the HTTP protocol are marked as "unsafe and reliable" Chinese websites; Apple will force the use of HTTPS for iOS Apps from 2017; small processes that are very popular in Asia also clearly require the use of HTTPS consent. Let's talk about a personal blog I originally went back to, because HTTPS was not deployed, and I was carrying an "unsafe and reliable" vron... 😱 I was heartbroken. Mao Dongqing, three months before 2017 Grayfin, how developers should deploy HTTPS as soon as possible, today they will talk about the issue of applying for qualified certificates. Responsible editors include notes 1. SSL qualified certificate categories 2. How to give priority to SSL qualified Certificate Distributor 3. Completely free SSL qualified certificate Review and apply for the whole guide The viewer can directly jump out of the part you want to see according to their own needs. Types of SSL Qualified Certificates The first time you buy an SSL compliant certificate, you must be very confused. There are many factors to consider: whether it supports multiple search engines, pan-search engines, product prices, insurance premiums for important information leaks, whether suppliers in Asia or not In European and American countries, even the color palette style of the qualified certificate displayed on the application process, etc. 1) They first look at the older SSL qualified certificate categories on the market:. Generally speaking, SSL certificates are divided into five categories, and their safety and reliability are decreasing. Of course, the product price is inversely proportional to the safety and reliability factor. DV (Domain Validation Certificate) DV certificates are suitable for personal Chinese websites. Apply for a certificate , CA only corrects the important information of the search engine. OV (Organization Validation Certificate) can be issued within a few seconds. OV certificate requires important information of the certificate company. EV (Extended Validation Certificate) can be issued within 1-2 days. The certificate of the EV certificate of conformity is the most stringent, and generally requires the provision of paper materials. The issuance time is also longer. The specific differences are shown in the picture on the right: this is the key point (knock on the whiteboard): for personal blogs and Chinese websites, DV certificates are preferred;  private enterprise Chinese websites, but do not want to subscribe, DV certificates can be preferred;  Comprehensive private enterprise portal Chinese websites can give priority to OV certificates; financial and B2C private enterprise Chinese websites can give priority to EV certificates SSL certificate distributors. I have figured out the types of qualified certificates, but in the face of countless qualified certificate distributors on the market, how should they choose first? TX with good English can go directly to the discussion on Quora about how to give priority to SSL qualified certificates. This Chinese website also has a "buyer show". The picture on the right is the market share report of SSL qualified certificates released by in February 2016 Partial screenshot of . The green part represents the market share. The top few are the more popular suppliers in the industry and have undergone market correction. You can experience it yourself according to your own needs. I have no personal needs for OV and EV, and I have not tested it. Here is I did not expand the completely free SSL certificate review and application strategy. For a small blog, subscribing to purchase an SSL certificate will invisibly increase the cost of building a website. In addition, the current completely free SSL certificate can basically meet daily needs. Safety and reliability are required, so here comes the question: which reliable DV SSL distributor can I find? What is the difference between several completely free SSL qualified certificates? . They compared several completely free qualified certificates from several dimensions such as the convenience of application, validity period, compatibility, and after-sales service: Lets Encrypt, startSLL, and Qiniuyun completely free SSL qualified certificates. Let's compare these three: Lets Encrypt. It is a public and completely free SSL project in European and American countries. It is hosted by the Linux Foundation and initiated by organizations such as Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, IdenTrust and EFF. Transition to HTTPS. StartSSL StartSSL is an SSL certificate under StartCom, and it should be regarded as the originator of free SSL certificates. It is probably only the StartSSL certificate that provides completely free SSL certificates and is supported by major application processes. The first application for the StartSSL free SSL certificate is free for one year, but you can continue to renew it in the second year. Qiniu is completely free SSL Qiniu has recently cooperated with Asia Integrity to promote the DV certificate issued by Symantec Symantec. Convenience of filing applications: Both StartSSL and Qiniu are relatively convenient to apply for, and Lets Encrypt has clear requirements on the environment. Validity period: Both StartSSL and Qiniu are one year, and Lets Encrypt 90-day qualified certificate Compatibility: One year of StartSSL is complete Free DV SSL has been blocked by Chrome and Mozilla. Be cautious and give priority to Lets Encrypt. Generally speaking, the compatibility is not bad, but Symantec’s compatibility is definitely the best. , StartSSL and Qiniu both have official customer service for consultation, and Qiniu has better support for Chinese services. Qiniu's completely free SSL application guide is here, which is effective for personal testing. In addition, their CDN has also reduced the price of Qiniu's TX. For 5 cents, please call me on Alipay. Chinese websites that do not enable HTTPS are marked as unsafe and reliable. Apple will enforce ATS (App Transport Security) from 2017. w3techs SSL certificate market share report

Give me five minutes if you don't feel bad I'll be back short story short (five minutes free to add daisy locks to your bus stop) Purbi,

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