Daldang County has a complete free fighting game (3A masterpiece is completely free again! Purple chrysanthemums are full of free fighting games will be open to the public) TNUMBERKC,

* Recently EPIC platform Xijiasan, directly sent out completely to send out completely. launched 3 famous fighting games, which are "Red Vision: Modified Edition", "Haleth: Torsuke" and "Hunting". The days of free application will end at 23:00 on May 19, dear dad Mothers can play for free when they go to EPIC Jingdong. The two fighting games presented by COMPILATION this time are very good both in terms of quality and player reviews, and there are also various action games. A graphic-style adventure fighting game with a story background, an adventure fighting game exploring an outer space station in outer space in the future. I believe that some parents also noticed when they applied for it. In addition to these two models, EPIC will also give away this mysterious and completely free fighting game in a few days. The unofficial also implies that this will be this touching game. 3A masterpiece! Because it is a mysterious fighting game, the unofficial did not give any specific clues about the fighting game, but released a puzzle map, leaving players to imagine freely. However, this movie poster with Andy Lau's movie as the design element is extremely threatening. The various hot fighting game LOGOs rushing towards the face seem to imply that players will be overwhelmed, but it is impossible to give away all of them, but netizens accidentally It is a failure that has been discovered. In the picture, the LOGO of the world-famous fighting game "Twilight Nightmare" is printed with Latin letters "BBDAHACOE" one by one, which are replaced by numbers in the order of the Latin alphabet, which becomes "224181305", corresponding to the number of days April 18, 22, 13 At 05:05, it happened to be the same as the last user's statement on EPIC's unofficial blog at 13:05 on April 18, 2022, and the statement was the name of the fighting game: Borderlands 3. It feels a little unbelievable, but the unofficial has not made it clear, and also launched a selection of "Hi Plus One" together with little Vellore. Many popular 3A masterpieces are listed, including the "Borderland" mentioned later 3". This is a melee climax and shovel-type 3A fighting game. It was released in September 2019. Its new and enjoyable fighting experience still maintains an excellent reputation. However, EPIC gave back Borderlands 2 for free before. Not necessarily, this time we will send another mysterious free fighting game Clue 1 in the Jay series. . The pattern will be related to the enigmatic fighting game. Some players speculate that the overall style of Trace 2 may be related to "No Man's Sky", but the details have to wait for the unofficial announcement. Many fighting games have been stored in the warehouse. First of all, we must consider whether the hard disk inventory is enough. This high-speed and large-capacity hard disk can not only increase the capacity of the player, but also make the loading of fighting games smoother and enjoy the fast speed. New Experience. GALAX X4 M.2 SSD, which includes 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB specifications, whether it is fighting game entertainment or daily office, it can meet the high-speed bandwidth of PCIE4.0, and its continuous read and write speed can reach 3600/3000MB /s, enjoying fast performance, as a PCIE4.0 entry-level SSD, it is extremely cost-effective. In addition to performance, it adopts an all-aluminum heat dissipation material appearance, and is equipped with 3W high-efficiency heat-conducting adhesive and a through-type hollow air duct; with the help of mirror bright silver highlights and multiple silk-screen printing technologies, its plane presents a naked-eye 3D effect, which has both appearance and quality. The heat dissipation performance and Xingyaoniang's exclusive outer packaging combination make it more individual. Parents who love it can go to the product details page to learn more.

Daldang County has a complete free fighting game (3A masterpiece is completely free again! Purple chrysanthemums are full of free fighting games will be open to the public) TNUMBERKC,

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