Cultivate baby dolls who swear at people (babies who are often "teased" swear early? More interactions are beneficial to the growth and development of the nervous system. Playing with 1-12 torches like this) is this all right? ,

The baby’s 0~12 months is the period with the strongest need for stimulation and learning, known as the "early window" for the growth and development of the nervous system Written by: Zhao Wei Editor: Zhao Wei Final draft: Li Debi After baby Wen was born, he was small and wrinkled. Not only did he look powerful, but as he breastfed the baby every night, he also became stronger and stronger, and his ability to control became more and more, and he had begun to interact with his father simply. Give me the baby every night, which is a rare leisure time for the tired Chen Xiaodong, and the baby also enjoys the operation process of playing with his father, and can even be amused by his father and "naughty" laugh from time to time. Interacting intimately with the baby, Chen Xiaodong became "macaroni noodles" in seconds. If it wasn't for his wife who hates children, she has no interest in raising a baby. When she didn't have a girlfriend, she often said: "Little What a trouble to have a small child!" As a result, after having a child, the "Macaroni" scene has already begun to face Seiches' baby, and Su Ce even complained about breastfeeding, but fortunately our baby is aggrieved , Conquered Dad with cuteness. When the baby was three or four months old, he knew how to chat with his father, and followed his father with big eyes and hand-drawn hands. The baby was so happy that Nuangle stopped to hug her. When talking about the baby, the baby still hates playing with his father. The dentist said: "Playing with the baby more often will make him feel sympathetic, and it will not be too early to scold others." So Ce listened to the dentist. Otherwise, I was overjoyed, I didn't expect to interact with babies more, and there are so many benefits. Father and baby often play, and the more active the baby, the smarter John Ritterbey, the leading figure of sentiment theory, believes that the synchronization of physiological and psychological signals between father and child is an important condition for achieving a healthy and safe mother-daughter relationship. The baby will use facial expressions and movements to express that he has gained a good experience, and the father will also receive these feedbacks to generate feedback, which will further strengthen the response to the baby. The intimate relationship between mother and daughter reaches the peak step by step in this interaction, forming an indestructible friendship and intimate relationship. The child wins the father's attention during the interaction and can ensure that he is fully taken care of. Hand interaction can make the baby faster Controlling the manipulation of the opponent's feet, diligently studying and coordinating ability is very big. Although he can't understand his father, otherwise, he can imitate his father's pronunciation, and the future curse is also lower than expected. From the first to the tenth month of the 1-12 Ke Huotong Baby Interactive Manual, the research results show that the 5-6 month fetus has already begun to establish the sensory system, and the 1-month-old baby can already identify the difference between 200Hz and 500Hz sound sources The baby is more powerful at this time, and the father can touch the baby all over the body after taking a bath or while applying fruit, and gently scold the baby more gently when he is awake. The baby has just arrived in a new environment, and he is full of anxiety. In addition to responding to crying in a timely manner, breastfeeding and changing diapers to meet his physical needs, the care of him also includes comfort and comfort to meet his psychological needs. At 5 months, the senses of touch and senses are in a sensitive period. They can already see farther away, distinguish their father's voice, wave their little feet in circles, and conduct various "tasting". At this time, Dad can provide him with toys of various materials, and have a conversation with him as an adult. Babies usually hate high-pitched and exaggerated tones. At the same time help the baby practice turning over and sitting. From the sixth to the ninth month, the weight of a 6-month-old baby is about twice that at birth. After six months, the focus of the baby's attention shifts from itself to the things around him. The outside environment, contact with other children, many babies at this stage cry because their needs for observation are not met. Dad can use toys to guide the baby to crawl forward, play simple games such as playing balloons and clapping hands with the baby, and train the baby's hand-eye coordination ability. "Daddy helped the baby change the diaper", "Daddy put the baby in a purple dress today", emphasize "Daddy, Daddy". At this stage, it is mainly to improve the baby’s cognition. Even if the baby can’t understand, we should emphasize to him what color and shape it is. What are we doing now? Summary: The principle of interacting with the baby is to give him as much Skin-to-skin contact, trains his perception in the interaction, develops the child's thinking ability, and inspires the child to master the use of language as soon as possible. Candy Daddy advises: Interacting with the baby is not only a play, but also a learning behavior. Dad should pay attention to the cultivation of the baby's various sensory organs, so that the baby's nervous system can be developed earlier. I am Candy Daddy, a learning and growth Xiaodong Chen, who focuses on motherhood and childcare, don’t forget to pay attention if you want to raise your baby easily. The Candy Daddy team will answer your questions about your parenting journey.

Cultivate baby dolls who swear at people (babies who are often

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