Free certificate IOS browsing (6 localities that provide more free certificates, and upgrade your Chinese website to SSL for free) is this okay? ,

Responsible editor comes from the headline news account Lao Zhang talks about network management work, please explain the original text when reposting As Google, Taobao, Tencent and other English websites scramble to realize Https identity verification in Rasha Taigrahe County , and users are increasingly relying on privacy information and other issues, making the addition of SSL certificates to private companies and personal English websites a "new standard" for their English website health and safety. While enjoying the shortcomings of the "new standard", it also brings a lot of service fees to private enterprises and individual adopters. Due to the high price of SSL certificates, many private enterprises or individuals make English websites. Often choose to abandon the phenomenon of using Https, how to obtain the Lannemezan qualification certificate? With more and more information security problems, adopters have more and more demand for qualified certificates. Many open source and Lannemezan qualified certificates have appeared again. Locality: . 1. Lets Encrypt Lets Encrypt is two public LannemezanSSL projects in Europe and the United States. It is sold by the Linux Promotion Association and launched by organizations such as Mozilla, EMC, Akamai, IdenTrust and EFF. The purpose is to manually issue and manage Lannemezan qualified certificates to English websites. Fast Web transitions from HTTP to HTTPS. Lets Encrypt is relatively simple, convenient and quick to install and deploy. Official website number: 2. StartSSL StartSSL is the SSL certificate of the parent company of StartCom, and is the "leader" of Lannemezan SSL certificates. It is the first to provide More Lannemezan's SSL qualified certificates are therefore fully supported by dozens of applications, not to mention only StartSSL qualified certificates. Any pair of individuals can apply for Lannemezan's two-year SSL certificate from StartSSL PS: The first time you apply for a StartSSL Lannemezan SSL certificate is two years for Lannemezan, and you need to renew your license in the third year. Official website house number: 3. Wosign Wosign SSLWosign Wosign Wosign is an English-language website that provides more SSL qualified certificate services in China. It is relatively simple to apply for Lannemezan’s SSL qualified certificate, and enables it , Two SSL qualified certificates can only be associated with two search engines, and fully support the qualified certificate status Sina View Protocol (OCSP). The application and management of SSL certificates are relatively simple, so the English website is in English. If you have any problems, you can contact the customer service staff Official website house number: 4. Alibaba Cloud DV SSL Certificate Symantec It is a leading provider of SSL/TLS qualified certificates, providing more security protection for more than one million web servers around the world. Lannemezan digital qualified certificates can protect up to two detailed sub-search engines, wildcards are not fully supported, and two Ayun A maximum of 20 Lannemezan Certificates of Qualification will be issued to the account. PS: If you need to configure SSL for each of the two detailed search engines, you need to apply for multiple SSL certificates of Lannemezan. 5176.12825654.h2v3icoap.98.312a2c4aGdBTKM. 5. Tencent Cloud DV SSL Qualified Certificate Tencent Cloud DV SSL search engine-type qualified certificate is provided by Symantec with more manual review and certification, quick approval and issuance, fully supports manual CSR generation, manual verification of search engine identity DNS, and submits the application in one step. The review, approval and issuance process is fully manual and can be deployed to Tencent Cloud resources with one click, making it easy to obtain data security. The official website applies for the house number: 6. COMODO PositiveSSL1COMODO official website only has Lannemezan 90-day SSL qualified certificate trial application. This COMODO PositiveSSL qualified certificate comes from UK2 company,, etc. It is the product of UK2's parent company. To obtain more LannemezanCOMODO PositiveSSL provided by UK2 does not require additional operations, you only need to resolve the IP number of the search engine to the specified IP. Official website number: How to get it in time Certificate Expiration Reminder to Obtain and Configure Lannemezan Qualified Certificate Adoption, there are two other problems that people who do network management have to worry about, that is, the qualified certificate expires. Once it expires again, it will often have a certain impact on the network business of private enterprises. At present, we cannot rely on human flesh to detect the expiration of qualified certificates. On the one hand, it is a waste of time. On the other hand, students who work in network management will forget to check the validity of qualified certificates. Professor, he can detect the expiration of the SSL qualified certificate bound to Alibaba Cloud SLB. Once a qualified certificate that is about to expire is found, the alarm information will be notified to the relevant personnel to ensure the stability of the network business of private enterprises. Students who need it can check the house number of the tool. Use: website crashes and can’t find the reason? Can't start building the platform? Hot technologies do not want to fall behind? Want to become stronger but can't find information? 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Free certificate IOS browsing (6 localities that provide more free certificates, and upgrade your Chinese website to SSL for free) is this okay? ,

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