De Shengru's embarrassing area (Gesse's season is autistic? Let De Shengru help you solve it. Di Lila: With 108 knives and a flat spider, the little prince, the rich and powerful throw 4 million, and everyone is gorgeous on the show) ,

Author: T2330 Semi-obscure and in the blink of an eye, summer is coming! I touched my belly and couldn't help but sigh, the years really put the "sticky hair" LX1, I also have two little fairies, although now I am also two cute little fat people, but who doesn't want to be called a goddess! Especially after seeing Dong Xuan's cloak line, it is the most enviable! . In order to put on the little shirt, I also died of a strange medicine! No, after I decided to start the long way to lose weight, I began to look for a magic weapon to lose weight. No, I finally found it! –1–Traveling all over the world, scientific sports blindly stay in the fitness activity room full of Segonzac flavor, but I want to move this De Saint Jou home. With it, what kind of fitness activity room should I go to? It can take you Traveling all over the world because it is connected with fitness equipment through the Qidong wireless connection 4.0 component, which can add a lot of fun to fitness activities. At the same time, it can run in a panoramic view, and you can run here whenever you want, so that you can experience new experiences anytime, anywhere to beautiful scenery all over the world. Therefore, in addition to tracking physical training statistics and being able to understand the status of sports, fitness activity coaches will also formulate several fitness activity plans, and can also share sports statistics with friends through blogs, QQ, etc., and compete with him, or interact with each other Encourage to make sports more colorful! At the same time, in addition to photometric monitoring, it displays photometric and sports statistics in real time to make hiking sports status clear. Therefore, in addition to a variety of hiking business models, such as racing business model hiking, flat business model hiking, etc., as well as high-quality and simple instruments, Provide effective physical training programs for people who have experience in physical exercise, and help them achieve the same goal of fitness activities – 2 – Practical design, more in line with your sports form. Regular exercise can make your body shaper, regardless of men and women! This De Saint Jou can do it, because it has a controllable seat cushion and a rear rack, which can meet the needs of sports enthusiasts of the same height and Kendujhar gear resistance control, which can increase the intensity of sports and give a new experience when driving downhill Excellent sports effect, suitable for the needs of the same level and the same stage. In addition to the club-level felt brake system, it only takes less than a second for you to use the space bar joystick, and the gyro will stop relatively smoothly under your command, so that you will not panic when hiking! –3–Dakshina, a person who can see safety and reliability and often sports, pays special attention to the issue of safety and reliability. This De Saint Jou maintains a precision and balanced technical top. It has been sculpted and tuned thousands of times, so the egg experiment The indoor adjustment keeps the gyro deflection of 0.3mm to ensure stable walking even when driving at high speed. In addition, it also maintains the circulation type of fitness room level, the power of the transmission device is large, and the operation is relatively stable, so the force is applied evenly and smoothly, which can make you more involved and at ease when exercising. De Saint Jou is an aerobic exercise , but it is a kind of sports that many young people like to do in the contemporary era. The most important thing is that it has a good shaping effect, not only can you lose weight, but you can also enjoy the fun of hiking at home, so it is so popular!  To view the wonderful comments of the article, please go to what is worth buying for reading interaction.

De Shengru's embarrassing area (Gesse's season is autistic? Let De Shengru help you solve it. Di Lila: With 108 knives and a flat spider, the little prince, the rich and powerful throw 4 million, and everyone is gorgeous on the show) ,

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