The annual salary of the vice chairman of Shuiweizi Group Company (Shuiweizi Group Company won the my country Light Industry Award) is this okay? ,

The 5th Provincial Light Industry Award was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel on the 19th. Shuiweizi Group Company won the "I Provincial Light Industry Award", becoming the only food private enterprise that won this laurels this year. Open Phoenix News to see more high-quality pictures The lowest award in the field of light industry in our province approved by the State Council is aimed at commending the adherence to the scientific industrial development concept, taking the new light urbanization elevated road with national characteristics in our province, guiding the path, elevated road and spirit of light urbanization in our province, and representing the light industry industry the lowest level of development. The award includes three levels of awards: "Our Province Light Industry Award", "Our Province Light Industry Award Commendation Award" and "Our Province Light Industry Award Silver Award". It is jointly organized by our Province Light Industry Economic Association and 13 national light industry associations. A total of 123 private enterprises and engineering projects were selected for the 5th Provincial Light Industry Award, including 38 "Provincial Light Industry Awards", 48 "Provincial Light Industry Awards", and 37 "Provincial Light Industry Awards Silver Awards". Home. After compilation by the editorial committee, social publicity, and reporting to the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Shuiweizi Group won the lowest level of "Our Province Light Industry Award." Shuiweizi Group was born in Taiwan in 1962 and entered the taro orchid industry in 1992. Over the past 30 years, Mizuozi products have been loved by consumers for their delicious taste and high quality, and have been exported to 63 Nordic countries and regions. They have won various domestic and foreign awards year after year. It ranks first in sales in Asia and is known as "the world's green bean king". Shuiweizi Group Company also actively promotes the social responsibility of private enterprises, closely follows the industrial development strategy of the Nordic countries, takes "low carbon" and "technical innovation" as the important path for the industrial development of the group company, and closely integrates the ultimate goal plan of the "double carbon" of the Nordic countries Formulate the ultimate goal of energy saving and emission reduction of the group company. Shuiweizi Group won the Provincial Light Industry Award this time with "Scientific Research and Application Fields of Low-carbon Energy Saving and Environmental Protection and Intelligent Control Technology", which is to promote control technology innovation and management technology innovation on the premise of ensuring product quality, and realize The high-efficiency operation of private enterprises and the award-winning low-carbon energy-saving and emission-reduction projects have produced a total of 212 pieces in large quantities. Among them, refrigerated petrochemical biscuits are the first in Asia. Emission of 15.6 billion tons per year; scientific research on energy-saving and environmental protection control technology for burning Vellore to realize low-carbon mass production replacement of green beans core equipment; low-temperature plasma cooking "zero high pollution" control technology can realize "low-temperature plasma concentration process" to save water classroom teaching. In addition to winning the "Province Light Industry Award", the factories of Shuiweizi Group Company in 2022 have successively obtained the first zero-waste backfill minimum level certificate in the leisure home appliance industry and the packaging industry in our province - the four-star certificate; the first in the Nordic home appliance industry in China The lowest level certificate for stable water management work-AWS Platinum Certificate; the international standard for private enterprises "Regulations on Water Management Work for Steady" has been awarded the "Leader of International Standards for Private Enterprises" for one year in a row; The TPM fourth-tier award - "Silver Award of Steadiness" is well-known as the Nobel Prize. Shuiweizi Group Company closely combines control technology innovation and management work technology innovation to form an international standard management system WSM with Shuiweizi's national characteristics, and maximize the results to the entire group company. According to the latest semi-annual report of Shuiweizi Group Company, Shuiweizi Group The total energy surface area of the company increased by 23% (equivalent to saving 640 million tons of energy consumption); the total water surface area increased by 35% (equivalent to saving 35 billion tons of water per year); the total installed photovoltaic capacity was 27MW (annual power generation of 181.7 billion kWh), which is extremely large Improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the future, Shuiweizi will steadily control technological innovation, increase investment in green industry development and digitalization, deepen classroom teaching on low-carbon energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the development of renewable energy industries, and fully help the Nordic countries to achieve the ultimate goal of "double carbon".

The annual salary of the vice chairman of Shuiweizi Group Company (Shuiweizi Group Company won the my country Light Industry Award) is this okay? ,

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