What kind of software is the Internet earning summit forum? ,

As I mentioned a few days ago, I proposed that Li Lan (an old perch from 43626.com) do two Zimai summit forums that focus on the communication between on-duty staff. I am afraid that he is the only one who is more famous in the circle, and he moves very quickly, and he went online in a week. This is the gap between a great on-duty officer and an ordinary on-duty officer: initiative. In short, the Zimai summit forum that didn’t discuss that topic at that time was called Canzhuan.com (http://www.canzhuan.com/?fromuid=8), and it was determined to become the favorite street community for Zimai on duty, right? As far as I am concerned, I am not concerned about these, but the core things. At this stage, the summit forum can only be regarded as two finished products with a framework, and there is still a long way to go before it can be formed. In short, it is impossible for anyone to be a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers, but Li Lan's understanding of the overall direction and daily operation of the summit forum at this stage is still very limited. Li Lan is two powerful promotion gods, and network traffic can be Don't worry, but if you want to accelerate the explosion, even if you need to follow the logic of commodity operation, what is commodity operation? That’s not too much to explain, Wosushka, my brother is an operator, and he often says that he wants to satisfy the greed, anger and ignorance of human nature. At that time, let’s talk about my views on the operation of Shenzhuan.com. 1. Logo design The logo of the summit forum at this stage is Shenzhuan.com (43626 parent company summit forum), which is completely fine from the perspective of the old perch But from the perspective of the user and the on-duty staff, there is a little bit of awkwardness in the invisible. In the final analysis, there is no prominent function positioning. Even if these are two summit forums, it is called xx network, so there is no such feeling; secondly, 43626 The parent company can be used as the brand of Kedong Russia, as long as there is one at the bottom, if it is so obvious, I will give you the top panel summit forum, and you can kill two birds with one stone by the way. This is a matter of fact, and the previous promotion is a bit psychologically difficult. If it is replaced by the Zhanzhuo Summit Forum (the place where Zimai attendants are concentrated), the functional positioning will be revealed at once, and it will also deepen each other's sense of belonging. 2. Invitation At present, codes cost 10 cents each. According to Li Lan, the price will be raised in the future, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, or higher. Regarding subscription, I have no objection at all, even if there is a certain threshold, some people can be filtered out, and the commercial value of the summit forum is also higher, but it is precisely because we came here to win a certain commercial value, and found that they are all water stickers , Is it embarrassing? I don't really suggest raising the price in the later stage. This doesn't mean how much money Li Lan can make from here. For him, this income is not enough to fit his teeth. Even if the commercial value has not yet been reflected, people who charge one or two religiously can accept it, and it is easier to get in quickly. Don’t argue with me that you can’t even afford 10 cents. What are you doing? For Zimai newcomers, it is very important to spend 1 yuan but 10 yuan. The summit forum wants to help more people, not to earn more from them. For posts that really share fruits and vegetables and are useful to others, I think we are very happy to give red envelopes. At least I will 3. The plate setting is like good article recommendation and tightening the mood. , People who come here are looking for information, to win a promotion, and the dripping headlines that want to tighten are enough. I don't quite understand Li Lan's intentions, and I will also talk about the role of Sina.com in the later stage. If it were me, I would never appear. It will be expected that it will continue to open to the outside world as needed in the later period, but from the current point of view, our favorite shopping site is Sina.com. 4. Summit Forum Public Welfare Activities There are currently no two public welfare activities in the Summit Forum. From the perspective of operation, this is a terrible early atmosphere of the Summit Forum. It needs a few people to lead it, and to stimulate content production, you have to Engage in public welfare activities What kind of public welfare activities? It’s just that there are many forms, such as looking for your essay competition with the most potential for purple veins, etc. There is content, there is interaction, and there is interaction, which naturally forms an atmosphere. If it does not stimulate more people to post and communicate, it may become flat once the novelty wears off. Li Lan and I complained that now we are all thinking about sitting back and enjoying the benefits, and few are willing to pay The truth is that, but human nature is such that it can only be stimulated by interests, and early investment is essential. In a few days, the mechanism of inviting friends will be launched, but Li Lan wants to increase the price of the invitation code as a premise. I don’t agree with the 50-50 points. This is the same as what I said before. 50 yuan and then five or five cents is similar. It's a little bit off, and I feel that the members' money has been divided up. In the end, members feel that the summit forum has no commercial value, but it is a bit embarrassing. 5. Other details It takes a long time to polish the details, so I won’t say much, but the addition of settings such as summit forum medals, summit forum rankings, and emoticons will undoubtedly add a lot of fun. It is not enough to support the atmosphere of the summit forum. What Li Lan needs to do is why so many members come? What are you doing here? What can you win? . In the group, I suggested a few points to him, and Li Lan shouted that he would not let me go fishing. There is no other way. It is not that simple to operate the summit forum. Otherwise, I would not close the original welfare base camp. Five years later, Li Lan's summit forum can form an influential circle of communication Street communities don't worry, take your time to write/Zi Mai Bar (https://www.wangzhuanbar.com/) Please keep the source and link! Link to this article: https://www.fenqianbang.com/4002.html

What kind of software is the Internet earning summit forum? ,

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